14 - Mechanical Gate Left Hand

REACT offers a wide selection of manually operated gates to complement our chrome barrier rails, which are particularly suited to where a lower level of security is required.

Attractive, safe and reliable their ergonomic design and the quality of engineering ensure that our gates look great and perform as required time after time. All our mechanical gates have an emergency break-out feature which means the gate arm can always be forced in both directions in case of fire or other emergency situations.

The gates can be used for making entrances, exits and pedestrian passageways. They can partition and block off rooms and efficiently direct customers from the entrance to the cash desk. You can easily combine and integrate these gates with our other entrance and customer guidance systems.

Choose a gate with or without key lock, a Mechanical Push gate, an Emergency Exit Gate or our Bi-Directional Gate. They all have different features to fit your needs.

An electrically controlled mechanical gate with lock is also available.

Finished in bright chrome as standard, the gates are available with a selection of arm widths.